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  • Cause of Infestation:
    Bed bugs can be spread to your home or business by clinging on to any fabrics, luggage or any used furniture. A mother bug will lay up to 5 eggs a day, and the nymphs can reach adulthood in just a few weeks. This is why they have become such a nuisance across the globe.



  • Bed Bug Bites:
    Bed bugs feed by piercing the skin and sucking out the blood. The bites are virtually painless, but will soon turn into itchy welts. Bed Bugs have body heat sensors on the tip of their antennae which attract them to us while we lay in our beds. Bed bugs feed on us while we sleep, because we lie still long enough for them to feed.





  • In home Treatment for Bed Bugs:
    1. Wash skin or infected area thoroughly with antibacterial soap.
    2. Apply anesthetic cream or lotion to the itchy area.
    3. Try not to scratch the bites, it could lead to an infection and irritate the surrounding skin.
    4. Apply ice to avoid swelling or welts.





  • Detection of Bed Bugs:
    These insects will leave a rustic coloring on your bedding from their excrement. You can also look for blood stains on your sheets.





Bed Bugs have acquired a resistance to pesticides over the years. This is why they have become a nuisance across the globe. We have the most advanced technology available to eradicate them. Our pest prevention plan implements death by heat to eradicate bed bugs. We use the Night Watcher Monitoring System. It uses three methods to lure the Bed Bugs in.

The first method releases CO2 every five seconds stimulating the breath of a small child. The Bed Bugs are attracted to the CO2, because that's what our bodies release as we breathe during the night. The second method to this system uses a thermal lure that heats up, producing an infrared image of blood near the surface of the skin and body temperature similar to a small animal or child. The third method uses the natural host odor attractants. These are activated by the heat lure and are evaporated into the CO2 plume. Over a period of time the Bed Bugs will get trapped into this device, which causes death by heat. To ensure our pest prevention plan works, you will have a set of instructions to follow, and our technician will explain in detail on what requirements must be met.



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